Why You Should Prevent Further Damage of a Chipped Tooth

Chipped Tooth St. George, UT

A chipped tooth cannot improve on its own, and avoiding treatment could lead to further damage of the tooth and surrounding area. Without proper treatment from a dentist after a chipped tooth, you could develop an oral infection that requires root canal therapy, or the tooth could fall out. The discomfort from a chipped tooth may also grow increasingly worse.

The importance of prompt care after a chipped tooth occurs

Regardless of the severity of the chipped tooth, dental care is necessary to reduce the risk of further damage and restore the patient’s smile. The following review discusses the causes of a chipped tooth and what can be expected throughout the treatment and recovery process. 

What are the common causes of a chipped tooth?

The causes of a chipped tooth include bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding), a blow to the mouth during sport or physical activity, car accidents, and falling. Children often endure a chipped tooth while playing outside as well, such as landing awkwardly on a trampoline. It is important to understand the causes and take cautionary measures to reduce the risk of a chipped tooth. 

How can I prevent a chipped tooth from getting worse?

If a chip is minor, then the patient may be able to wait several days to more than a week before they receive treatment. However, in the meantime, the patient should keep the mouth clean by practicing good oral hygiene, avoid sugar consumption and dark beverages, and reduce the risk of injuring the tooth further. 

What can I expect when visiting the dentist for a chipped tooth?

The dentist can first assess the severity of the chip and determine which treatment option is most appropriate. They may also address any symptoms the patient has to reduce the discomfort level initially. After the treatment procedure, the dentist provides aftercare instructions and schedules a follow-up visit if additional treatment is necessary. 

When is it necessary to seek treatment for a chipped tooth?

It is important to seek treatment for a chipped tooth as soon as possible after the chip occurs, regardless of its severity. Many patients seek treatment to address the cosmetic concern the chip causes, However, the oral health risk is more of a concern to the patient long-term. 

How can I prevent a chipped tooth from happening again?

The best way to prevent a chipped tooth is by wearing a mouthguard when there is a risk of dental trauma. This may be while sleeping if the patient has bruxism or during sports, if the patient plays a contact sport. Good oral hygiene and avoiding too much sugar consumption can also keep enamel strong and reduce the risk of a chipped tooth. 

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