Will a Chipped Tooth Lead to an Infection?

Chipped Tooth St. George, UT

Your chipped tooth could lead to an infection if it remains untreated for an extended amount of time. An infection could put the tooth in jeopardy of becoming lost prematurely, and the infection could also spread to other parts of the mouth and body if not properly treated in a timely manner.

How a chipped tooth can lead to an oral infection

A chipped tooth increases the risk of bacteria invading the deeper layers of teeth. When this bacteria accumulates, it can lead to an infection that causes discomforting symptoms and more severe damage to the tooth and the patient’s oral health in general.

What is a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth occurs when part of the tooth breaks away. This is typically caused by a blow to the mouth during a sporting event, physical altercation, car wreck, or an accident. Another common cause is bruxism (teeth grinding at night). Chips are not typically a serious concern, but they do require prompt attention and care to ensure the issue does not worsen or lead to an oral infection.

What is an oral infection?

An oral infection occurs when there is an accumulation of bacteria and germs in specific areas of the mouth. This most notably occurs when there are areas of the mouth where bacteria can be trapped, such as in the chipped part of a tooth.

What are the risks of an oral infection?

If a tooth infection develops as a result of a chipped tooth, then it can damage the root of the tooth and put the health of the tooth in jeopardy. In the short term, it can lead to a fair amount of tooth pain and sensitivity. In the long term, the tooth may become loose, and the infection has the chance to spread and affect other teeth and the gums.

How can I prevent an oral infection?

An oral infection develops due to a bacterial invasion. The best way to prevent an oral infection is to keep the mouth clean. It is also crucial to promptly treat concerns such as chips, cracks, and breaks in teeth.

What are the treatment options for a chipped tooth?

There are several ways that a dentist can treat a chipped tooth. The most common treatments include dental bonding and a dental crown. Both options repair or cover the damaged part of the tooth. If an infection develops as a result of the chip, root canal therapy and the placement of a dental crown may be the best options. In some cases, antibiotics can treat an oral infection.

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