Who May Need a Dental Crown?

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You probably know that a dental crown is a treatment option at your dentist’s office. You may not, however, understand when this is a necessary or viable procedure. It is helpful to understand what a crown can do for you and when it may be the right way to correct a dental or cosmetic issue.

What a dental crown looks like

Different dentists may have various preferences on what type of crown to use. Multiple materials are available. Some dentists prefer to make the cap out of porcelain or ceramic. Others may use metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal. Regardless of the material the dentist uses, the crown is durable and covers the entire tooth. It is designed to look like a natural tooth in size, shape and color.

People with large cavities

Most dental patients will have a cavity at some time in their lives. In many cases, these are minor or moderate, so the dentist can take care of them with a filling. In situations where the tooth decay is more significant, larger cavities may form. Sometimes, such a cavity may be too large for the tooth to support on its own. A dental crown can strengthen the tooth and ensure that the filling will effectively repair the cavity.

For broken, cracked teeth

Tooth damage will likely cause much more than cosmetic embarrassment. Many people with these issues will suffer terrible pain. A dental crown will protect the tooth and correct the toothache. The cap also restores full function to the area, so the person can once again bite normally and eat without pain.

In addition, a dental crown may help prevent damaged teeth from getting worse. A molar with a small crack could break, or a front tooth with a chip could quickly fracture in two. A crown will help eliminate these concerns.

For root canals

Hearing the name of this treatment alone scares some people. In reality, a root canal brings little pain and discomfort. It is necessary when the pulp of a tooth is infected. After removing the pulp and cleaning out the affected area, the dentist seals the tooth and may put a dental crown on it. This provides an added measure of protection, keeping bacteria out and causing more infection.

For cosmetic matters

A dental crown may be an option even if the patient has strong teeth and no pain. It may be an alternative to teeth-whitening treatments. Some people prefer to get a crown to color unsightly discoloration. Other patients may opt for a crown to cover misshapen or abnormally large or small teeth.

A treatment of many uses

Getting a dental crown should not make you nervous. This process has many positive effects on your oral health and appearance. It may be the right intervention for severe tooth decay or large fractures or cracks on your teeth. If you are not sure whether it makes sense for you, speak to your dentist today. Together, you can decide how to move forward with your dental needs.

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