When You Should Visit an Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist St. George, UT

Determining which dental issues require a trip to an emergency dentist may be difficult. If you are unsure, this article highlights certain indications to watch out for. In more critical circumstances, delaying the visit to the dentist by a day or even a few hours might be the difference between keeping or losing a tooth.

When to visit an emergency dentist

The following are signs that a trip to the emergency dentist’s office may be urgent and necessary:

Broken teeth

There is no need to see an emergency dentist if a simple tooth chip is not causing any discomfort. A broken or knocked-out permanent tooth usually causes excruciating pain. Not only can seeking emergency dental treatment help manage the discomfort, but it may also save your tooth. If the tooth has been knocked out completely, put it in a cup of milk until emergency dental treatment is possible. This will improve the chances of saving and reinserting the tooth.


Toothaches that are unexplained, persistent, and severe might be an indication of gum disease and infection. If the pain is minimal, start with at-home remedies. However, if the pain worsens or persists for more than two days, it is vital to see an emergency dentist. It could be tooth decay or, worst still, an abscessed tooth. Patients can check around the gums for a lump near the aching tooth. Fever, tooth sensitivity, and swelling in the mouth or face are further warning symptoms of severe tooth infection. In this case, visit the emergency dentist immediately.

Swollen jaw

Various factors may cause a swollen jaw. It might be caused by an infection, enlarged lymph nodes, or in exceedingly rare circumstances, oral cancer. It could also be an indication of gum disease, as previously stated. It is important to make an emergency dental visit since it is hard to determine the cause of the swelling on one's own.

Bleeding gums

Slight gum bleeding is common after flossing or a gum disease diagnosis. However, if the bleeding is severe, persistent, and accompanied by discomfort or swelling, patients should visit the emergency dentist immediately. Bleeding might be an indication of gum disease.

Foul taste in the mouth

If there is a metallic taste in the mouth, it is usually an indication that your crown or filling is loose. It is critical to seek emergency dental treatment as soon as possible since a broken or loose filling may lead to infection and cavities. Delaying treatment might result in the need for root canal therapy to save the tooth.

The bottom line

It is important to seek emergency dental treatment if you have noticed abnormalities in your teeth, gums, or mouth. It is critical to catch any problems early on to maintain your dental health and general wellbeing. The emergency dentist will determine the severity of the problem and provide treatment to relieve your pain and restore oral wellbeing. Book an appointment with our dental office today if you have more questions.

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