How To Best Maintain the Results of a Smile Makeover

How To Best Maintain the Results of a Smile Makeover from About Dental Care in St. George, UTA smile makeover provides a way for people to improve their confidence level and the appearance of their smile through a personalized treatment plan that consists of multiple cosmetic dental procedures. However, maintaining the results of a smile makeover involves keeping a consistent oral hygiene regimen. Read on to find out more.

Tips to help maintain your smile makeover results

You can protect your smile after a smile makeover by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly. Making smart dietary choices and protecting teeth from trauma caused by bruxism or a blow to the mouth is also important. The following is a more in-depth review of each smile makeover aftercare tip.

Brush several times each day

Brushing consistently two to three times every day is of the utmost importance for keeping your smile looking great after a smile makeover. It is also important to brush properly, reach all mouth areas and not scrub the gums too diligently. Brushing too aggressively could cause gum irritation and eventual erosion over time. While the primary focus is on oral health, using a whitening toothpaste several times a week can also help keep teeth bright.

Floss and use mouthwash

There is no limit to the number of times you can floss each day. At a minimum, be sure to floss at least once before bed. Ideally, it is best to floss several times each day, including after every meal. For mouthwash use, most patients are encouraged to use it once per day at most. A fluoride-based mouthwash can help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent enamel from wearing down or eroding.

Protect teeth from bruxism and dental trauma

A smile makeover is a big commitment, so protecting teeth afterward is highly important. Bruxism (teeth grinding) and dental trauma (such as a blow to the face) could undo the smile makeover's results. Consequently, it is encouraged to wear a mouthguard while sleeping if bruxism is a concern. It is also important to wear a mouthguard during sports activities and other events that could result in a blow to the mouth.

Be mindful of how foods and drinks affect your smile

Certain foods can increase the risk of tooth stains, cavities, gum disease, and other concerns that can cause cosmetic and oral health concerns. Most notably, foods that are high in carbohydrates can harm teeth. In addition, dark beverages can increase the risk of stains as well. Instead, consider drinking water throughout the day to keep food particles and bacteria washed away, protecting your teeth and gums from harm, along with limiting the consumption of sugar and other carbohydrates.

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Want to maximize the results of your smile makeover?

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