Can a Smile Makeover Help Ease Headaches?

Can a Smile Makeover Help Ease Headaches? from About Dental Care in St. George, UT A dental problem can cause a headache or migraine, which might require smile makeover treatments to fix. Various illnesses can cause excruciating headaches, and they are not all limited to the head. There is a link between headaches, migraines, and your teeth in certain circumstances.

Headaches and dental issues

Headaches can cause nausea, face tingling, dizziness, and sensitivity to sound and light, among other symptoms. They have the potential to disrupt people's lives, resulting in truancy from work or school. Migraines may make patients more susceptible to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Teeth that are missing, loose, painful, or misaligned can all contribute to what is known as a "bad bite." This puts a great deal of strain on the jaw muscles, causing issues with dental alignment and making swallowing and closing the mouth difficult.

Massage or medicine may be the first thing that comes to mind when treating aches and pains in the head and neck. These treatments may provide a temporary solution, but they are unlikely to address the underlying reasons for the pain. Many rarely consider having their jaws evaluated anytime they experience these discomforts. However, jaws and bites are usually to blame for a portion of head and neck problems.

It is easy to forget that simple functions like talking and chewing require the cooperation of several different muscles. It might be difficult for the jaw to open and repeatedly close if these muscles are stressed due to a misaligned bite or malocclusion. There is also a chance that the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which joins the lower jaw to the skull, is worn or broken.

How a smile makeover helps

One of the treatments offered with a smile makeover is bite correction. Bite correction, or occlusal equilibration, is the process of reshaping and contouring a person's jaw or teeth to achieve the optimal "minimum stress" bite. The patient will have fewer headaches, neck problems, and muscular tensions in this area of the face if enough room is available for the jaw to work. Different methods can be used to correct the bite, and depending on the severity of the patient's issue, the dentist may use any of the following procedures.

Teeth reconstruction and replacement: This procedure aims to provide patients with excellent and healthy teeth. Dentists will have to repair or reconstruct existing dental work that has been damaged or worn out over time and that has cracks or severe cavities.

Orthodontics: Dentists use different dental appliances to correct a person's bite, including dental braces and clear aligners. However, the entire procedure can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. This treatment is more beneficial for younger people because the jaw is still developing.

Tooth reshaping: For bite correction, tooth reshaping is one of the most preferred and successful treatments. It is usually employed when a patient's teeth are deformed. The procedure restores the shape, size, and form of the affected tooth.

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In conclusion

If you are experiencing persistent headaches, you might need to consult a dental professional to see if a smile makeover can help.

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